Hi guys, I recently finished my band's new single, called Tin Foil Hat. I do guitar/vocals, and I also do all the engineering & production. We recorded with various guitars, such as a Gibson Les Paul 59, a Strat, and a Thunderbird bass. Cabs were mic'd up with an sm57 & a 58 with the cone taken off.

Production was pretty much just light compression, eq and some reverb. I really tried to get the takes and original tones perfect because I'm not that good at production. I also did a quick mastering job at the end to cut some of the annoying frequencies and up the thickness & volume..


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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Well, it sounds bloody amazing what comes to tones and sounds etc. The intro guitar is like angels sucking your... uhm... so about the song...

It's got a clear structure, which helps it immensily, but there never really comes like really energetic part. It's all pretty much on the same level energy wise. The rhythm guitar changes from time to time and it would do the track a lot except the vox just ****ing DOMINATE everything and they pretty much stay in one note and in one shouty voice the whole time.

Well I might've spoken hastily -- there are some great instrumental parts that pace the song somewhat and the ending solo is ROCKIN'!!! All the same, what I would try to do, were it my song, is try to balance the vox a little bit. When the guitar action gets smoother (apeggiated chords etc.) then smooth up the vox like a boss and let the song breathe. Also, it might be just this style, but the song doesn't seem to move anywhere. There aren't like melodies, different parts... and even the vox stay, like I said, in one note throughout the song. I might be exaggerating a bit but you know what I'm talking about.

The playing is ****ing perfect! Don't know how else to put that. Man, you guys PLAY those instruments, let's get that clear. Every note comes out like pros. Makes everything sound enjoyable, even if I can't quite grasp the composition. Maybe it's just not my style'o'music. The thing is, if this popped out randomly while I was listening radio, I wouldn't go: "hey, what's that song!?" Probably wouldn't even remember the whole track half an hour later. And imo that's kinda shame because you guys know how to play. :/

What I was looking for, some melody, some risks... you know... something that might be really good or really bad but at least you tried. This whole track is so damn SAFE. that's what it is. It sounds pleasant but that's just it. It doesn't try to do anything special... just the things that you KNOW will sound nice and draw the line there. I'm not trying to put you down or anything (especially since I do this all the time) but when you write stuff that makes you feel embarrassed... THEN you're making some good stuff. THEN the music's got some CHARACTER. Now it's just nice sounds. And to a lot of people that's enough. I'm not telling you what you should do, just what I would do. Maybe you don't even whant that... who knows. Okay...

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