Switch Disconnectors

Switch Disconnectors

Switch Disconnectors provide the means to safely disconnect an item of electrical equipment from the supply. Primarily designed to provide a means of local isolation when an elecrical item may need maintenance or repair, a Switch disconnector has to comply with the following minimum requirements:-

Provide an effective clearance between the supply and the load appropriate to the voltage applied.

Provide a means of locking in the Off position. (Padlocking)

Provide a true indication of the contact state.

Provide a safe disconnection from the supply even under fault conditions.

All of Craig & Derricott s Switch disconnectors meet, and often exceed, the above requirements making each, the product of choice in today s market.

The i-switch range provides the user with the widest choice ever from Craig & Derricott. Enclosed products with protection to IP41, IP65 or IP66 are available in ratings 20A - 1000A, and for the equipment builder i-switch now includes a complete range of load break interiors and accessories 16A - 1250A.

The die-cast enclosed family of switch disconnector provides the user with a product that will withstand a good deal of abuse. With sealing to IP66 these products can safely be placed in environments where resistance to impacts, moisture and dust/dirt are a concern. The internal switches are all base mounted and of the latest design with approvals to many international standards. A wide cross.

A switched power supply

A switched power supply is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently. Like other power supplies, an SMPS transfers power from a source, like mains power, to a load, such as a personal computer, while converting voltage and current characteristics. An SMPS is usually employed to efficiently provide a regulated output voltage, typically at a level different from the input voltage.

Unlike a linear power supply, the pass transistor of a switching-mode supply continually switches between low-dissipation, full-on and full-off states, and spends very little time in the high dissipation transitions (which minimizes wasted energy). Ideally, a switching power supply dissipates no power. Voltage regulation is achieved by varying the ratio of on-to-off time. In contrast, a linear power supply regulates the output voltage by continually dissipating power in the pass transistor. This higher power conversion efficiency is an important advantage of a switched power supply. Switched-mode power supplies may also be substantially smaller and lighter than a linear supply due to the smaller transformer size and weight.

Switching regulators are used as replacements for the linear regulators when higher efficiency, smaller size or lighter weight are required. They are, however, more complicated; their switching currents can cause electrical noise problems if not carefully suppressed, and simple designs may have a poor power factor.http://www.hwele.net/
Playground slide

Playground slides are found in parks, schools, playgrounds and backyards. The slide may be flat, or half cylindrical or tubular to prevent falls. Slides are usually constructed of plastic or metal and they have a smooth surface that is either straight or wavy. The user, typically a child, climbs to the top of the slide via a ladder or stairs and sits down on the top of the slide and "slides" down the slide. In Australia the playground slide is known as a slide, slippery slide or slippery dip depending on the region.

Playground slides are associated with several types of injury. The most obvious is that when a slide is not enclosed and is elevated above the playground surface, then users may fall off and incur bumps, bruises, sprains, broken bones, or traumatic head injuries. Some materials, such as metal, may become very hot during warm, sunny weather.

Some efforts to keep children safe on slides may do more harm than good. Rather than letting young children play on slides by themselves, some parents seat the children on the adult s lap and go down the slide together. If the child s shoe catches on the edge of the playground slide, however, this arrangement frequently results in the child s leg being broken. If the child had been permitted to use the slide independently, then this injury would not happen, because when the shoe caught, the child would have stopped sliding rather than being propelled down the slide by the adult s weight.http://www.attractplay.com/
Portable Freezers

A Portable Freezer by Dometic can operate as a freezer or refrigerator, offering powerful cooling and deep freezing from 50 to 0 degrees (F). They have a quick-chill function which allows the compressor to run at maximum performance until the desired temperature is reached. These Portable Freezer can even work properly on inclined positions. Models with special electronics (CF-25 to CF-110) offer a soft touch operating panel including a digital temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Features include:

AC/DC or DC-only models.

Seven sizes to choose from.

Operate as a refrigerator or freezer.

Lightweight and easily portable.

Battery monitor with low-voltage shut-off protects against a dead battery.

Memory feature maintains presets if the system is turned off.

CF-80aC Model Specs.

85 Qts. (2.8 cu ft)

12/24v DC - 110/240v AC

65 Watts, 4.5 Amps

31"L x 18.1H x 19.6W

68 lbs.

Removable Carrying Handles

Removable Coated-Wire Basket

Interior Light General Specifications

Cabinet - Coated Sheet Steel

Hinged Lid

Pale gray/Dark gray

Refrigerant - R134a

Special Electronics

CF-110AC Model Specs.

113 Qts. (3.77 cu ft)

12/24v DC - 110/240v AC

65 Watts, 4.5 Amps

31"L x 22"H x 19.6"W

73 lbs.

Removable Carrying Handles

2 Removable Coated-Wire Baskets

Interior Light



Grounds For Play’s mission statement is: To listen to you and value your knowledge of children playground equipment and play. Working together, we create developmentally and age-appropriate play environments through innovative design. At Grounds For Play, we recognize that children are not rubber stamps, therefore, their play environments should not be either. To support our mission, we use your vision to design play environments to ensure your playground is not only fun, but safe. By carefully listening to you, we are able to create environments that combine your vision and dreams with practical applications to foster physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

When it comes to designing safe, stimulating, and complete environments for children playground equipment play, Grounds For Play has more experience than any other company in the world. Our current and past customers include the US military, US government, early childcare centers, religious organizations, municipalities, schools. Head Starts, apartment complexes, homeowners’ associations and many others. With a nationwide team of Design Consultants, we have the ability to help make your playground dreams a reality.

All great things start with a plan, and that’s why Grounds For Play focuses heavily on the design of your environment. As we attempt to ”walk a mile” in your shoes, our goal is to combine our experience with your unique vision to create an outdoor environment that blends your vision and curriculum with your space outdoors. becomes a natural extension of your indoor learning environment, and enhances the development of the whole child.

Kid’s Playground Equipment

Kid’s Playground Equipment

A good playground gives kids playground equipment of all ages and abilities the opportunity to explore and have fun together. It should be designed to meet the specific needs of the group that will be using it, especially if that group includes children who require ADA-compliant equipment in order to enjoy their time on the playground. With proper planning, kids of all ages and ability levels can enjoy the same space, playing together and having just as much fun.

Miracle play systems offer industry-leading safety features and fully ASTM compliant materials. Everything we build is designed with safety first. We ve been recognized with awards for our dedication to providing a safe play environment, and we continue to innovate and develop new ways to help children stay even safer as they play.

Most of our designs start with the towers. These centralized play spaces provide the backbone, supporting all of the kids playground equipment and additions that are added later. We offer a wide variety of towers, including triple decker and other tall varieties. We can connect these using a range of different bridges, climbing systems, steps, and much more. With our unique selection, no two units are ever alike.

Contractors are also advised to select playground equipment from a local manufacturing company. That can reduce the work load of the contractor by a large amount. As they are available in the local area, people will not have to pay for expensive courier services. They can even get the support of the local manufacturer in any kind of an issue. That will also assist the contractors to reduce their installation time.

Kid’s Playground Equipment

Spring Rider

Our clients can avail from us supreme quality Spring Rider that is an outdoors playing device consisting of a spring beneath a central beam or flange. Further, these Spring Riders are fabricated from quality raw material that is procured from the reliable vendors of the industries. These riders are exquisitely designed by keeping children safety concerns in mind and are and available in various designs, colors and patterns.

Avail from us, a wide assortment of Horse Spring Riders, which are always the highest demanded ride among children of all age group. These are painted in attractive colors and designs to make the play an enjoyable experience for the children. Available in different sizes and colors, these exhibits smooth and finished edges which makes it highly popular among our reputed clients. Further, our range is demanded largely by Schools, Playgrounds, Riders Park and Amusement Park.

We bring in for our clients Jeep Spring Rider that find wide uses in kid play schools and amusement parks. These children play systems are offered to the customers in different bright colors that attracts children of all age groups. Further, our range of Jeep Riders is manufactured using superior quality raw material and components that is in toxin and does not harm children health. Further, for maximum durability, we conduct stringent quality test at regular interval of time.

Our organization is engaged in providing a wide range of Hip Hop Riders, which is suitable play equipment for small kids. These Riders are fabricated from quality raw material that makes the product more durable and long lasting. Further, these kids play systems are portable in size and can be installed in small areas like park, school play ground, garden, malls and more. Our range of Hip Hop Riders can be offered to the clients in bulk quantity before being offered to the clients.

Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

ASH WIN Engineers, having made its modest beginning in 1992 at Ahmedabad, India. Which is now undisputed player in manufacturing and export of State of the art full range of rotomolding machine, Microfine Pulvering system, Compounding Extrusion Lines, Highspeed Mixers, Scrap Granulators, Vibratory Screens, Rotational Moulds of Mild steel/ Stainless steel and also other related Plastics auxiliary equipments. The promoters are visionary engineers who are possessing strong technical as well as management back ground with focus in manufacturing of Plastic Rotational Molding Plants and Extrusion processing plants.

Company is having its well organized WORKS with all manufacturing facilities at Ahmedabad which is globally well connected and is around 500 Kms from Mumbai, INDIA.

With strong back ground of designing and supply of more than 4000 Nos Rotational Moulds for almost all Roto applications, ASH WIN Engineers is manufacturing and smoothly executing total turnkey project of Rotomolding by manufacturing and smoothly executing total turnkey project of Rotomolding by providing A to Z complete solution with supply of Rotomolding machine, other equipments, and Moulds for Rotomolding project. The company has established separate Manufacturing set up as MOULDS DIVISION with all Mfg. facilities to manufacture precision Rotational Moulds as per customer抯 requirements.

More than fourty dedicated personnel including well experienced management staff, Designers, Engineers, technicians etc. Experienced technical team for timely and satisfactory installation and commissioning of complete Rotational Molding project at any location across Globe. With its focused and team approach, the business has spread across Denmark, Germany, Cyprus, Riyadh, Kuwait, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Srilanka, Bangla desh, Jordan, D.R. Congo, Yemen, Abudhabi, Egypt, Australia and many more customers base in India.

Shanghai Couple Massage

Shanghai Couple Massage

Shanghai Couples Massage is really a quite preferred service within the Shanghai place. Even though a lot of people who hear of Shanghai Couples Massage in Shanghai will instantly take it that this can be a service intended to get a romantic couple only, they re in reality mistaken. Shanghai Couples Massage is offered to any two folks, like relatives, great pals, spouses or partners of any kind.

Lots of people are normally not fully certain what precisely a Shanghai Couples Massage includes. Usually two therapists arrive, who provide massages to each and every client during the exact same space and at the very same time. In the event of you acquiring in touch with a reputable massage service which offers Shanghai Couples massage shanghai-based, they re going to usually point out that this really is not an dult?service. This service is actually a likelihood to get a pairing of excellent friends, household members or perhaps a married couple to benefit from a soothing time in unison. Quite plenty of Shanghai Couples Massage Shanghai primarily based services will journey to the couples?accommodations. This is a principal attraction, which makes it possible for couples to reap the benefits of a anxiety relieving massage with out the extra complications of a journey for the spa. Although a lot of elegance treatment house calls must be pre booked, the majority of Shanghai Couples Massage companies supply around the day massages. This can be a outcome with the reality that this service only demands the presence of two therapists. A great deal of the time, couples may possibly inquire for nearly immediate massages to their hotel as an added bonus to a relaxing vacation. While numerous Shanghai Couples Massage remedies are given to non-romantic couples, for instance sisters, friends and so forth., the majority of bookings are offered to romantic couples, regardless of whether they be married or dating. For that reason, you ll find several packages offered which are place with each other to suit couples of this kind. The therapists develop a romantic surroundings, making use of candles and music, and also the two customers are massaged although lying beside one another. Quite a few couples make use of this service as an efficient method of relaxing, whilst also reconnecting with their partners.We supply very excellent service for mobile elegance treatment . Shanghai Couples Massage sessions can possess a duration of as much as an hour and a half. The therapists provide all essential things, like shanghai massage tables, crucial oils, towels etc. The majority of providers will service any location in Massage Shanghai and its surrounds, however it is prudent to book ahead of time.