Hi i have a les paul copy thats quiet cheap and i have performed maintenance on it i.e i changed the pickups and the jack and while adjusting the truss rod it seems to have broken are there any good websites for me to get a new neck form as i have a very annoying fret buzz and tinny sound from my strings and the high e doesnt ring out on the 12th fret and below andy and all help would be appreciated also i have a very small budget. thanks
In most cases like this it's going to be cheaper and easier to replace the whole guitar than to get a new neck.
the answer here is to just have the thing worked on, maybe a set up or something, the tech/luthier will know what to do.

but warmouth necks are easily the most popular custom neck company, i can't wait to get an excuse to get a warmouth
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
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thanks alot for the advice as it is a cheap les paul its only a bolt on neck

I imagine you have 1 of those inexpensive LP copies. There are a bunch of eBay sellers which provide LP-style necks here.

Please note that I have zero experience with these parts/sellers. Good Luck!
Measure the scale length, that's very very important and might not be accurate to a Les Paul on a cheap copy.
thanks for all the comments i will search all of these and hopefully find something thanks again
If your in the USA, www.guitarfetish.com has LP style bolt on necks in the neck/body section.
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