Love this band, but to be honest the sadness can get grating. It all sounds so gloom, it's like cheer up already jeez.
Honestly it seems like the whole band (or at least Jenn and Mat) has bipolar or serious depressive conditions haha. You can really hear real sorrow in their music, you can tell they've dealt with some harrowing personal issues. I'm actually very curious to learn what these issues are that inspired their music..
Surprised there's not a thread. Surprised honestly that you would dig them.

Really good shit. Slowcore's a bummer of a genre, but it's good for burning out on every couple months.
This really is music made for the manically depressed haha.

It's full of self pity and resentment. But it comes from a very real place. It's very interesting to notice how the context and sound of their music changes depending on your own mood!
Oh yeah, thanks for showing me these guys jetfuel

but stop listening to these guys, they are like the most beautiful depression fuel I've ever encountered

that and American Football
2am playing video games alone in the dark sad music
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Songs About Leaving is ridiculously good.

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Oh no problem man.

I can't stop. Although I probably should.

I always try to balance it out with Miami Horror or something similar after every listen. But sometimes you just can't pick me up off the floor.

step four we fall through the floor
fall through the floor
fall through the floor.rr
They told me outlaw country was the ultimate drink whiskey in a dark place by yourself while reflecting music.

I have Songs About Leaving on vinyl, easily one of my favorite records. Probably the best Sadcore band out there.