Well first and for most hello all I'd like to introduce myself I'm a drummer who is building a custom guitar for my fathers 41st birthday. Its his first guitar and it is beat. I found it in the attic the other day and it gave me the idea. Things you ight need to know, I think its a mid 70's global strat copy but I could be wrong It deffinetly needs some internal work I have it all torn down parts in bags body is being preped for paint I want to replace the pickups for it and I ordered a new neck plate, tuner pegs, and a box of misc hardware. This is uncharted territory for me so any advice about this guitar and what needs to be done and done on a budget. Thanks all for any good feedback you leave. Posting pictures start to finish
First of all this needs to be the GB&C section. Second check out guitarfetish.com this place will be your best friend if you need solid parts as cheap as possible. For the neckplate though if you want to make things a little more personal you can order a custom engraved neck plate from guitarheads.net pretty cheaply.

Otherwise we would need more information, maybe even pictures of everything to really tell you what all will need to be done.
Thanks sorry again new to this, but I bought a simple one on ebay I have an engraver to do it myself. Thanks for the help. I'll have some pictures really soon for everyone and thanks again.