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i've been searching for the right model but cant seem to find a perfect one, i want something like a jackson dkmg, so emg pickups, floyd rose and a thin neck but i already own a dkmgt so it would be silly to get that, ive been looking at some ibanez's but all the guitars in the price range have shit pickups, recommendations would be very appreciated thanks
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Most of the sites I looked said that Jackson was not available, so I'm not sure as to your price range.

Godin Redline3: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Godin-Redline-3-Electric-Guitar-620138-i1448594.gc

Fernandes Revolver (probably one of the Elites or the RP8108 Revolver Pro 81): http://www.fernandesguitars.com/revolver.html
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oh my bad my price range is up to about 700 dollars

that revolver looks really good, surprised ive never heard of them thanks i'll look into them
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Pickups are always replaceable :P
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1000 series LTD. they may be a little more expensive that your price range, but they tick all the boxes (and can sometimes be found on sale). thin necks, good trem (FR 1000), good hardware and EMG's.
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LTD MH/H/M-1000 series are great and used are deff in your budget.

Jackson Soloist is also a good guitar.
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If you already have a DKMG, do you need another similar guitar?
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You can buy an Ibanez and swap the puckups.
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