I stumbled upon a new group called Beware of Darkness. They have only released a maxi-single, containing 4 songs, which was released earlier in 2012. I think they have a very fresh, real sound to them, but judge for yourself UG!
And yes, they did rip their name from a George Harrison classic
Ghost Town:
Holy Men:
Culture Bomb:
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Definitely in the band. If you just "stumbled upon" them you most likely wouldn't have that much info, or know the backstory behind their name.

EDIT: Those sound like Apple Loop drums, come on.

The mix is actually pretty good. The guitar tone is neat and the vocals are really clean, but those drum sounds... geez.
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Interesting sound at least, wouldn't mind hearing this if it made it big.

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Haha no I'm actually not in the band. My local radio station plays a song of the week from upcoming bands, which they are usually garbage, but this one caught my attention so I looked them up haha
The guitar dances like Pete Townshend and they sound like the Black Crowes. I'd rather listen to the Who
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