I recently picked up an Agile 2500 at guitar center, used.

The guitar was upgraded a bit. It has a Gibson pup in the bridge position and I think an SD in the neck... and it also came with locking tuners. I was wondering about the locking tuners. They're not exactly holding the guitar in the best of tune, when I bend strings excessively or sometimes even just a few times they seem to fall out of tune. The guy who sold it to me told me not to wrap the strings around the post while tuning, but rather to pull them through tight then lock the tuners and tune from there. My question is, if I restring this guitar and DO wrap the strings around the posts and lock the tuners, will it hold tune better or worse?
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the idea behind locking tuners is that you don`t need to wrap the strings around the tuning posts (this is typically a cause of instability). I generally string mine so that they almost wrap around once.

as with all tuners, make sure you`re tuning from flat to tune, rather than down from sharp. also make sure that the strings are properly stretched.
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