Hey guys im new to the electric guitar and this is also the first guitar ive owned so could you guys help me out and name a few easy songs to learn? thanks i greatly appreciate it
Welcome to the world of playing guitar! If you'd like to keep at it for years to come, Make sure to have fun with playing. You should also learn how to set your guitar up eventually, If you do this it'll be more comfortable to play; A guitar that's set up well will sound very well and will encourage you to play more.

Here's a riff that may help you get started. It's from a song called "Planet Claire":


And if it ever seems too hard to play guitar, Remember that there are only twelve different notes in popular music and not all of them are used in most songs. There are different octaves of notes (For example, Holding the D string down on the second fret would make an E note like on the Low E or High E string) But they are still the same note.
Always tin your strings.


Don't be afraid to be honest.
Welcome to a very lifelong skill and ninja skill. It will help you with many things in life.
The number one thing i can tell you is to be teachable and to persevere. Guitar is a really fun skill and can be a constantly developing one. I was insoired by you so i made a list of 50 songs
based on the kind of music you like. Please, Don't let my list intimidate you. I really like to help people. Also Some of these might be hard at first but it might just be me. Smooth is a really common known song but is also hard. (10 is easiest, 1 is hardest):

Rock and Grunge
10.Smoke on the Water- Deep Purple
9.Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
8.Slow Ride -Foghat
7.Mississippi Queen- Mountain
6.Money- Pink Floyd
5.Same Old Song And Dance- Aerosmith
4.La Grange- ZZ Top
3.Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix
2.Schools Out- Alice Cooper
1.Smooth- Santana

10. The Scientist- Coldplay
9. Viva la Vida- Coldplay
8. Go your own way- Fleetwood Mac
7.Spaceman -The Killers
6.Purple Rain- Prince
5.Story of My Life- Social Distortion
4. anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
3.Sunshine of Your Love
2.Message in a Bottle- the Police
1.Beat it- Michael Jackson

10.Wonderwall- Oasis
9.How to Save a Life- The Fray
8.Holiday- Green Day
7.Dark Horses- Switchfoot
6.Today- Smashing Pumpkins
5.Even Flow- Pearl Jam
4.Everlong- Foo Fighters
3.The Original- Switchfoot
2.Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down
1.Cherub Rock- Smashing Pumpkins

Hard Rock
10.Iron Man- Ozzy/ Black Sabbath
9.Paranoid- Black Sabbath
8.Rock You Like A Hurricane- Scorpions
7.Back in Black- AC/DC
6.Want Nothing but a Good Time- Poison
5. Woman- Wolfmother
4.Thunder Kiss '65- White Zombie
3.Sweet Child o' Mine- Guns and Roses
2.Jet City Woman- Queensythe
1.Re-Education (Through Labor) Rise Against

Modern Stuff
10.We are Young- Fun
9.Call me Maybe- Carli Ray Jepsen
8.Everbody Talks- Neon Trees
7.Airplane- Plain White T's
6.Levels- Avlici
5.Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's
4.Some Nights- Fun
3.Drive- Incubus
2.Rolling in the Deep- ADELE
1.Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

Viola! that is it! Now go try some! start with the 10's. However modern stuff is NOT my Forte.
See you Later!