Hi UG! I just received a rough mixdown of a song I've been working on and i want to know what you think about it.
I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the vibe, arrangement, performance, whatever.
Please don't pay any attention to the mix, because it hasn't been mixed yet. Maybe ill update this post with some of the actual mixes as they come in next week.
Anyway, the song is called Sleep. hope you enjoy, but if you don't thats fine too


c4c of course
Hmm, I liked the atmosphere immediately. The rhythm guitar is kinda quiet compared to the vox tho. Oh sorry it seems you said I shouldn't pay attention to the mix. Here we go... The lead guitar gave me the Opeth vibes right away and after that the rhythm gtr started playing very Opethish chords too.

The vox melodies are friggin' inventive, bro. I like how they soar away and the male vox sound very nice too. The female ones are... ok too, but sounds like she's not quite grasping the atmosphere of the song. Hmm. This was nothing I really expected. The bass has got some nice anecdotes in the middle.

Ok, so third listen... now about the actual concept. The beginning stays very much on the same page for about a minute which is quite acceptible... then you've got the little twinkle there with those 6th and 7th degrees which brought some nice nyance to the composition. Then a minute of sorta the same feel and for the last minute the drums come in -- a NICE way of upping the energy and tho they give a very sorta dry sound to the song the synth balances it out like a BOSS.

So not a lot of change in the overall energy al tho there was an arc. This gives the song more of an interlude feel... am I wrong? Overall I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sorry to point this out again, but the only thing that kinda left a bad taste to my mouth (as I think the song back) were the female vox parts. :/ They just didn't fit or were on par with the rest of the performances. And I can see they could've fit if they were... so it's kinda shame. :/

I've always like the acoustic stuff of Opeth and the first Diablo VG musics and this definately poked those avenues. Really great atmosphere!

Oh, you wanna C4C, check this out: