I bought this on eBay for $50. I bought it because I believe it to be Japanese made late 70's Strat copy lawsuit era and I like that headstock. Fender had that fat headstock from 65 to about 81-82, Which would be copied by the Japanese makers during that time. My plan is to put it on my Lotus that has a post law suit era maple neck with a completely different headstock.

1. The maple fret cap is separating from the neck near the nut. My thinking is that this was caused by someone over torquing the truss rod. I am pretty sure I can fix this keeping in mind not to accidentally inject wood glue into the truss tunnel. If there are other thoughts or opinions let me know.

2. The frets are not in good shape. I would love to think a fret dressing will give some life back but have great fear a re-fret might be required. A tech I know will do the dressing for around $60. Guitar Center prices a re-fret at or above $300. I am willing to do a dress but anything over $100 for a re-fret makes me think I might as well invest in a real Fender CBS neck.

All opinions and wisdom welcomed.
Make it a fretless...
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