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I have myself a chord progression that sounds pretty sick (imo). I know the first 3 chords which are E#9 (i think), BbMajor7 and AMajor7. The last chord is quite interesting so i'll tab it out as part of the chord progression(: Knowing the key this chord progression is in would be pretty cool too! Thanks.

Seems to me like E7 A#M7 Gx7 B7add9/11, resolves to E Major (key).
But I'm still pretty novice, so wait for confirmation...
Look like E7, BbMaj7, A7, AMaj9/B to me.
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It sounds good resolving to E major but I think that's just because the last chord shown is a B7 shape with the open E string for easy transition from the A7. If you play up to the A7, it wants to resolve to D for that V7-I. The thing is, the first chord is E7 (b7) so it isn't like you could play E major freely. I'm not sure if that makes a difference in what key it's in but it does say something for any melody.

random opinion: the BbMaj7 sounds better without the extra F on the high e string.
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E7, Bbmaj7, A7, B11. it's in the key of E major, but make sure you're careful about not using the G#, particularly over E7 and A7.
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I noticed that about the added F on the Bbmaj7 too. I'll probs just play it with the four notes
Ill jam some bluesy E major licks over it and watch out for the accidentals (: