I think you're better off getting this one.

Has inlays & it's not black.

Here's some more options for you.




You probably know I'm steering you away from the black because black guitars have bad resale value, that is unless someone really wants it & will pay what you'd ask, saying you ended up buying it & then reselling it.

You have a lot of options out there. That White 2006 & the Tobacco 2002 will ship to you. Ask the other sellers if they'd ship to you if you're interested in the other two guitars that have shipping as U.S. only.
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That's hard for me to answer for you, Given what little information I know about you. If you think a Firebird fits you well it might but I suggest playing one in a store first to see, If you have the chance.
Always tin your strings.


Don't be afraid to be honest.
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