hey guys

i'm thinking between getting a Epiphone Special II and a LTD EC10. any of you guys have experience with either of these guitars? i play a lot of hard rock and 80s metal...

or should i just replace the crap pickups in my cheap knockoff strat with a tesla or dimarzio double-rail?
I would say save your money and do neither, you'll appreciate it much more if you actually upgrade rather than just throwing money at the problem in a relatively piecemeal fashion.
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could you recommend some mid-range guitars for me to upgrade to?
It's a waste of money going for those guitars then upgrade. But first of all, where do you live and what is your budget? Also, what's your current amplifier.

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Yeah, you'd be better off saving the cash and upgrading to something a little better later on.

To answer your other question - it depends on your budget. "Mid-range guitars" mean different things to different people, and price-wise it's a pretty wide range. But in general a better step up from the two guitars you mentioned would be an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, or an LTD EC-200-series. New price of those is somewhere around $400 but you can find them cheaper if you look used.
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Ugh. I don't recommend the absolute cheapest guitars offered by a manufacturer, especially when you're talking about the cheapest of the budget line companies (Epi and LTD).

Give us your budget, style of music you play/want to play. I also do not recommend putting good pickups in a cheap guitar. It won't raise the value of the guitar by much when/if you sell it.
There are literally countless "mid-range guitars". What kind of body shape do you want? Do you want a tremolo system or hardtail? Active or passive pickups? Wood? What kind of amp do you have? Etc etc etc. Give us some direction over here bro!
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