Hi guys. Recently bought a true bypass AB Pedal for a madly cheap price (£10) on ebay, i've not actually received it yet though and i'm just wondering what i can actually do with it, in regards to effects pedals. I'm pretty much a beginner in terms of fx pedals circuits, i've only really played with 3/4 at a time, which are easy to manage.

But now that i'm collecting quite a few i need to find some way to manage my sound. For instance, i have a modulated clean sound, which consists of a chorus pedal and a tremolo pedal. I want to get both them off/on at the same time without tap dancing, will an AB pedal do this?

Also another quick question that i've always been a tad perplexed about, some of my pedals have 2 outputs, why is this, and what can you do with 2 outputs?
An A/B pedal can't usually do what you're asking. What you're looking for is a looper pedal. An A/B is meant to switch between two different amps or guitars. If your amp has two inputs - high/low, etc - you might be able to run two parallel signals out of the A/B box and run one set of pedals into the A input and one into the B. It depends on the amp, and of course you'll need another pedal to amp cable.

Dual outputs on pedals are usually for stereo operation. Again, that's usually for a two amp setup, though there are a few stereo guitar amps.
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What you're looking for is a looper pedal.
I might describe this as a side-chain pedal to avoid confusion with a sampler/looper or whatever but I don't know what common ones are called. They're basically an effects loop in a pedal.

If you're AB-ing, you need something to combine them again after you split them. If your amp has two inputs, that would probably work.

Depending on your budget there are systems (patch-bays I think they're called) that allow you to basically select any combination of effects in your chain and engage them with one pre-programmed switch on a remote board. Expensive.

You could try putting your chorus and tremolo in your effects loop of your amp, if it's footswitchable. I prefer my modulation sounds in my effects loop, but it will sound different than in your chain (before amp).

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...some of my pedals have 2 outputs, why is this, and what can you do with 2 outputs?
If you run your chorus pedal out to two separate amps on clean, you will know EXACTLY why.
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