hi, well, I've have been playing guitar for just over a year about 13 months, and i was just wondering intermediate songs to play? i can play songs like blackbird, carry on wayward son, fast car, purple haze, killing in the name of, most of nirvanas stuff, and some other just can't think of off the top of my head i used to be able to play these songs but have forgotten how to: wonder wall, yellow submarine, sweet home alabama, hey joe, wild thing, and a few others. Any recommendations is appreciated. Thanks!
Hello, I've only been playing about 6 months longer than you have, I'm no expert, but alotta Neil Young (the needle and the damage done, old man) is fun to learn, ccr and some cat Stevens too. You should check out over the hills by led zeppelin and mouthful of cavities by blind melon.

Hope I helped out!
thanks very much i will definitely look into those songs. a friend of mine recently told me check out master of puppets by mettalica, and its actually fairly easily, check out that.