Last night I woke up after a nightmare and started writing this on top of my mind. It's a progressive song, so far I'm done with two verses but I'd like some feedback on style.
It starts with 3x6/8, goes to one 5/4 and continues in 4/4s. The stress will be on the first words of each line where backing vocals will growl. The vocals are clean, and the guitar will play the notes that the singer hits.

Running, to the end
Fleeing, to the edge
Trapped in claws of desolation
A darkness that was once in me
Roams free and leaves desecration

Death is nigh
So it's time
Where we all bow to the crow
Life is dead
Peace is gone
The crown challenges the mortal,

(double bass part of 3x4/4 and 1x2/4 starts)
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