Hey guys,

So I've been looking to replace the 57 Classic pickups in my Gibson Les Paul Traditional for a more 70's style (Aerosmith, AC/DC esque) hard/blues rock tone, I'm playing through a Marshall JCM800 2203KK, anyone got any suggestions?


DiMarzio Super Distortion/PAF Pro?
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In all honesty I'd have thought the 57 classics were spot on for those bands
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In all honesty I'd have thought the 57 classics were spot on for those bands

yes and no. depending on your style and preferred amp settings, the 57 classics might be too bassy and muddy sounding.

I would check out a Dimarzio Air Norton for the bridge, and a Humbucker from hell in the neck. I've heard this combination in a Les Paul, and it ended up giving it a really nice bright, harmonically rich and full tone without having too much gain. also, the clean tones were excellent.
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Gonna recommend the gold standard of Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz combo.
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JCM800 2203KK

Wait, isn't that the Kerry King Signature head?
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Wait, isn't that the Kerry King Signature head?

Indeed it is. I have npt played the amp but it might be your amp and not the pups.

But it could possibly nail those tones, it is a JCM800.

TS, look into some BK Black Dogs.

But those are crazy expensive. Look into some Seymour Duncan antiquity. I played a set and loved them

Also the SD P rails are very interesting pups. I loved them for classic tones. P90ish but with a little more bite and no hum. And if wired with the right switches can be full bucker, p90, or single coil. Very versatile.