I played a almost identical looking Gibson SG Supreme and it is badass. Buy it. I think they have the same hardware so they should be very similar. Although if sou play a lot of different genres i would recommend a Fender Strat with a Humbucker in the Bridge because you already have the ESP.
How about getting a guitar that's better for the "softer" side of your playing, like a Strat, Tele or something like that?

BTW, what's your amp?
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my amp is a VHT lead 20, and I have an extensive pedalboard. however, I dont like strats or Tele's, and my esp has a floyd rose, so i need something to tune down for things like slayer, sad but true ect. at download fest this year metallica played sad but true in C#, which sounded awesome (I was there)
I would recommend a plain old fashion HSH Strat or a RG. Don't get me wrong, Gibsons are killer, but there are many better guitars. Sure it's whatever you want, but in my opinion a RG570 with Dimarzio pickups will beat the most expensive Gibson any day. Plus all of that extra money you're spending on that Gibson could go somewhere else. Just out of question what inspires you to get a Gibson?
Ohh I understand now. I've never played one, but if you want a guitar with good tone, nice feel, finish, and is a SG. Try out the Gibson SG Special. It's cheaper on the price tag and you wouldn't regret trying it for yourself.
I just bought the SG Premium Plus fixed bridge. It kills on every level. I plan to put a full review up, but to answer your question--it's sweet.
Sharp looking SG, no question!

But looking at the price makes me suggest you look at the US Masters Hornet, their take on the SG.


US Masters is somewhat like Carvin in that they have a set of designs, each of which is customizable. And like Carvin, you generally get a bit more bang for your buck than from the big makers. The base price is about $800 less than the SG Diablo, but the options can eat that up pretty quickly. I'm contemplating one myself (no sooner than late 2013): if I get the best quilted or flamed top in the color I wanted (purple blackburst), 3HB instead of 2, and Maltese Cross abalone inlay, it would be similar in price to the SG Diablo.
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