You guys know Attila the Stockbroker('s Barnstormer)?

I know their/his name for a long time, but never really paid attention, then I saw him mentioned in an article about Brighton & Hove Albion, an english football team where he was public announcer.
The club was close to go bankrupt, so it was sold to an investor (for 50 symbolic punds), the owner of some hardware store chain. He promised to build a new stadium. After three years, in which nothing happened, a local journalist foudn out, that he had sold the ground of the old stadium for several millions and never thought about building a new one. So the team didn´t have a stadium anymore and had to play there home matches is some arena of another club. But after the first match the supporters stopped going to the match and instead went to the house of the investor and got on his nerves until he finally went away.

After reading this and about Attila´s role in this story I listened to his music which is really cool at some points. Yesterday he played a Simon & Garfunkel cover which was awesome:

and some more punk stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geQ4i868rMU
Who else thought this was a mispost about the really shitty metalcore band Atilla?

The band ts posted is aight BTW
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