so i own an agile 3100 and since i bought it ive never had it set up. lately ive been thinking about taking it to my local shop but it will cost me $50. The last couple days instead of taking it there ive been trying to do it myself. so far ive learned how to adjust the humbucker height, string height, and intonation. Im irritated because im having a hard time adjusting it, basically i have a lack of experience and i dont know what im doing. So should i just give up and take it to the store and let the experts do it? any suggestions?
yes let an expert do it and y'know if you really want to learn how to do it, get someone to show you. it's not difficult but it does require patience and a little bit of foresight.
just front the $50, it's not a bad price. they'll usually let you watch if they can do it on-the-spot, but if it hasn't had a set-up it could well need minor fretwork and you really don't want to do something stupid.
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Take it to a pro. Aside from that, I'd get it crowned and polished as well as leveled and dressed. It will be a new instrument when you are finished.