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If you had a choice of any musician in history to come together and form a super group, who would they be and what position would they play?
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Iron Maiden - PoM - Seventh Son era.
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Tony Levin on Bass, Jordan Rudess on keyboards, Rody Walker vocals (but Arif doing lyrics), John Petrucci and Misha Mansoor on guitars, Danny Carey drumming. It would be mind-blowing...
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I don't think this super band would be better then the bands where these musicians originally played but this would be my band:

Freddie Mercury - Vocals
Jimmy Page - Guitar
Keith Moon - Drums
Nathan East - Bass
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A mix of The Cult & GNR. Nothing else is needed.
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There is a thread stickied right at the top if the this section for this...kinda hard to miss..
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