This guitar is easily the smoothest/fastest guitar I've ever played. The action came from the store/factory set up perfectly. It has a very solid feel to it, and the frets are completely level (as you'd expect). The upper fret access is insane for a bolt on guitar, easily beating my Ibanez RG 320FM. It's actually even a little easier to reach the high frets than on my Schecter C1+, which is amazing due to the Schecter's Ultra Access Set Neck.

The Crunch Lab bridge pickup is exactly what you'd expect. High output, yet it actually cleans up really well with a volume roll off. It's also surprisingly articulate for such a high output bridge pickup. The Liquifire neck pickup sings exactly the way you'd want it to, but what impresses me is that even with high gain, the chording on it is clear... the neck pickup on all my other guitars gets muddy with chording with even a little gain. The coil tap activated by switching to "both" pickups and then pulling out the tone knob is impressive. It uses the inside coils from the two pickups,
and pulls off a 2 or 4 position strat sound really well.

All of that said, the thing that really blew me away from a sound perspective was the piezo pickup. I plugged it into the PA at my church and was amazed at how much it sounded like an acoustic/electric guitar... it's not quite as good as the LR Baggs in my Babicz Dreadnaught, but it's a more than passable acoustic sound. In fact, I've taken to doubling the acoustic guitar (he plays a Taylor) when the electric part is out at my church, and in the mix, you have a hard time telling who is playing the Taylor and who is playing the electric guitar.

It's definitely a pricy guitar, but I think in that price range, you'd have a hard time finding something higher quality... I think it probably all comes down to preference. If the 3 grand price tag is too much for you, I played several Music Man guitars, not all BFR, and the quality and sound is consistently high across the board. I honestly don't know if I'll ever buy another brand... The only downside I see to owning this guitar is that I now have 6 other electric guitars which are just going to start accumulating dust.
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**** you. I must have one. NOW. I MUST EXPERIENCE OWNING IT!!

But at the same time, i'm reluctant to get one as my Gibson would be put in the attic forever.
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You lucky f*cker! It's a family reserve too... HNGD, you won't need a new one for a LOOOONG time.
That top

Am I the only one who thinks these guitars are really small?
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No, they are really small. Well the JP6 is. The later models are slightly larger.

Also, get some oil on that board TS. It looks rather dry.
..... great guitar, HNGD
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It is pretty small, but so comfy...

And the picture made the fretboard look dryer than it was, but I oiled it right after I took those pictures.
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Amazing guitar, but that finish is just way too over the top and extra for my taste.
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Amazing guitar! Love the shape, looks easy to play

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I love these guitars. I'm partial to the original models because of the bigger forearm contour that I find really comfy, but these ones are so beautiful. Ever see the BFRs with the koa tops? Those are also some amazing looking instruments. You got yourself a keeper there, brother. HNGD.
The longer I am on UG, the more I like the EBMM guitars. HNGD! Beautiful quilt and color combo

*-* I must have one of these.....

I'm still saving up for an EBMM JPX7.....
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Welcome to the club, TS! I have the 7 string version of that very guitar. HNGD!

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