Just a couple questions about recording that have probably been asked a million times but i'm new ha ha..

I have a pretty basic set up..

Tascam US-144 MKII
TH2, a few different impulses & Amplitube Metal/3 (Amp/Cab simulation) I'd like to go Axe Fx soon but I will probably get a nice tube amp and cab too because you just can't break some habits ha ha.
EZdrummer- Drum Kit From Hell expansion
Ibanez RG4EX1 Quilted maple top/Basswood Body (Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms)
and some random synth vsts.

I have been messing around with recording/production for a few years now but I really want to figure out how to get the sound in my head out. Any tips or MUST DO'S for recording a great sounded guitar regardless if it's metal, jazz, fusion etc. Tips for Metal mixing? Compression do's and don't's? Best cab/amp sim? Mastering tips?

You can hear samples of my music/production at (prog metal) soundcloud.com/solipsis11 facebook.com/solipsis11 or (fusion/funk/rock) facebook.com/chrisaguilarmusic.

When it comes to metal, personally ive had a lot more luck using a proper amp and a mic..

Play each track individually instead of copying your guitars. I do 4 tracks for rhythm, one hard left one hard right, one 70 left and one 70 right

Put a high pass filter one one set and a low pass on the other.

Works a treat for me, tho i am only just learning the ropes, ive got some really nice tones using this method recently.
I find a lot with metal guitar that a good tone on its own doesnt really fit the mix i usually end up eqing a lot of the bass below 100hz out and letting the bass and kick drum fill up this void, otherwise it just sounds muddy to me. the above idea is also pretty good remember to use less gain than you think is necessary i tend to record two or 4 (depending on how heavy i want the track to be) rhythm tracks any thing remotely lead like gets its own track it keeps the dynamics a bit more consistent. also the fillet o fish compressor limiter and de-esser bundle is an easy way to get decent sounding guitars even the presets are pretty decent and tweak from there
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Well, I've just had a listen to 'Catalyst'.

It's your production that needs work, the guitar and drums sounds in themselves are good.

Everything is a little bit thin and harsh, but the first thing that stood out was how narrow the stereo spread is - it's practically mono.

A quick fix for that song would be to double-track the guitar (or duplicate the part and delay it by a few milliseconds), pan the two tracks between 80% and 100% left and right. leaves a nice big hole in the middle for your drums and bass to sit.

What speakers are you mixing through?
Thanks everyone for your help!!

@Richiecroz: Interesting! So you have 4 rhythms guitars all blended together? Do you do the same with leads or what? @Josh_Salty: That was my initial problem!! Great sound individually but in my track was way too muddy and saturated. Filet o fish bundle? Anywhere i can read about it i can't seem to pull anything off google about it? @kyle62: Someone on my soundcloud told me the same thing about the stereo spread so i'll definatly give that a try!! I'm currently using M-Audio VA-40's. Nothing too special but i am planning on upgrading soon we just bought a new 8 ch interface so i'd like to get new monitors as well.