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After many years of abuse, I decided to give me Squier Telecaster the makeover it always deserved. I bought pickups, pickguard etc, and began sanding and refinishing.

A quick mockup:

Except the neck pickup will be this:

I didn't take any full body pictures, but this is what the previous trainwreck repainting looked like:

Who's a surprisingly pretty boy:

Just ignore the holes.

First coats of Deck and Exterior Stain:

Yeah I didn't sand all the stuff off because it'll be covered by the pickguard and I'm a reckless c*nt.

The stuff where the pickguard wont be is just naturally shit.

Next step, glossy back and sides!
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Quote by Telecaster7
Don't rightly know. I class it as "cheap Squier wood" but it could be basswood.

Did some coats on the back and sides today, but I'll put pics up when that's done.

I'd say that it's a pretty safe bet it's basswood. Pretty cool looking piece too.
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Looks very nice dude! That fretboard looks like it has plenty of mojo too. I love that lovely worn maple look.
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