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You should not judge anything by youtube as compression, and recording gear have a lot to do with how the video is going to sound.

Please keep your TH30... please. For the sake that of all that is good and right with the world, do not sell your TH30.
TS, what is the volume level you are playing at? If you are playing at lower than volume 1, it will only sound like fizz. The volume must be turned to at least 1 (for somebody that might be too loud, ie my parents). Try turning it a bit louder and I'm sure the fizziness is gone. Or then you have to tweak the EQ settings and maybe turn the gain down. Don't sell it!
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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Thought so, thanks. My 2 cents. The way I see bands break up, people leave, etc, I wouldn't trade anything in. I would keep my good gear and lets the chips fall where they may. Why would you downgrade, when you know, killer tone is what everyone should be going for in the band. I've seen good bands get killed because their sound sucks. Pop Evil played our town last week. Good band that the sound guy f'd.
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