Im really into cannibal corpse and lots of other death and black metal can someone give me instructions on how to scream so i can sing along?
Thanks guy?
Learning to scream, growl, or any other "harsh" vocal technique requires a lot of practice and skill, just like singing requires, if you hope of being able to perform it correctly without damage to your vocal cords. Honestly, there are only two ways I have found successful in learning.
First is youtube videos. There are a lot of great instructional videos there that detail correct technique. However, watch out for videos with false information...the cues for this are usually people saying you don't need to warm up or similar outrageously false statements.
The second way is just by testing it out yourself. Trying to imitate the correct vocal style, but if it doesn't feel right (read: any pain at all) then it isn't correct, and you need to try shifting where the sound is coming from/being directed.
It's tricky to get down, but with practice, it'll come. Best of luck to you!
The basic principles behind these techniques are pretty simple. I will even add that's it's way easier than singing. However, the hard thing here is to develop your muscle memory and we cannot do that for you. It's another thing to tell you how to do it and another thing that your brain does it automatically. Cannibal corpse for example use the false chords. It's a valid approach that many use but I feel that the fry technique is safer for the cords. I'm pretty sure if you search around here you will find enough information.

It's ok if you feel pain, it means you're doing it wrong. It's not that easy to hurt your voice. Just rest and try a new approach. Damage can only happen when you keep pushing it.
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We have a sticky thread on this you know, with alot more info.
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