Hey guys, some outside input and advice is needed for my band.

I play guitar in a melodic punk band, which originally started among myself and our bass player who I've known for as long as I can remember. He's not that great of a bass player, but he's trying to improve as much as he can. (He doesnt suck either). Well, we ended up getting a drummer, and a second guitarist. The second guitarist was in a local, but touring, pop punk band that all 3 of our members were a fan of. I seem to be the only one to notice, or care, but it seems like he took over the band. Our bass player, an original member, will do whatever he says, and acts like its the word of God, because he has more band experience than the rest of us. What he says, goes, and its kind of annoying me. If he want us to cut something, or add something to a song, the rest of the band acts like it HAS to be done, as if he America's #1 music producer.

He's a great guy, but his guitar style is EXTREMELY showboaty. In simple parts that are meant to be simple (ie a basic drum beat, with a palm muted 3 chord riff, so we can bring out the melodic vocals and have that be the center of attention), he'll add a bunch of solos/scales. Thats just one example. I cant recall him playing a normal chord for more than one line in ANY of our songs, despite what else is happening in the song. Even if IM soloing, he still wont take rythm, he'll start playing lead at the same time, and it sounds god awful.

I mean, there's times and places for that, but there's also such thing as over-kill. Now with our bass player who's very gullable to what this guy says or does, he's doing the exact same thing! But this time, he's biting off wayyyy more than he can chew on the bass, and wants to touch nearly every fret. And he has little music theory, and will be (unknowingly) doing something minor, while the song is based off a major scale (just an example).

If that's how the band likes to sound, fine, but it's not how I like it. And I'm the one who's written all but 1 song (Our newer guitarist is very talented, and decently experienced, but is lazy as hell and it takes him 2 months to come up with lyrics to just one song). But it really aggrivates me that Im the one writing all our songs (that he keeps changing), I paid 100% of our merch expenses, bought a PA System and a set of mics for the band to use, and booked ALL of our shows.... Yet I seem to be the odd man out here.

Should I quit?

If I bring up my concerns, chances are no one will want to listen, being that our new guitarist is always right about everything. And even if they do listen, I may be the happy band member, but then our new guitarist will want to quit if he's gotta stick to playing rythm at times.

Honestly, that quote from Drumline, "One band, one sound." Does NOT apply to us. Its as if it's 3 soloists playing whatever they want while standing next to eachother.


I also came up with the band name, do all our graphic designing, imagery, flyer design, and I run the Facebook page and am the only band member to do any type of promoting. It sucks that as much as I do, it looks like I may have to be the one to leave.
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Ha, just found the correct forum for this. I'll repost in there.

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