I took guitar lessons when I was a teenager but didn't get very far and forgot most of it, and would now like to resume learning.

I checked the "New Members Q&A Forum" section but didn't find an article on the best books and DVDs to learn how to play the guitar as a total beginner, including enough music theory so it makes sense and learn different styles (jazz, brazilian, rock, etc.).

I checked what's available on Amazon, but there's so many ("Complete Jazz Guitar Method: Mastering Jazz Guitar", "Music Theory for Guitarists", "Total Rock Guitar", etc.) that I don't know what to pick.

I'd like both books and DVDs so I can see how the chords, scales, and solos are actually played.

Any recommendation appreciated.

Thank you.
The new members forum is more for forum use and such rather than new guitarists.

That out of the way... I would heartily recommend you check out Justin Sandercoe's lessons. I don't think he has any books or DVDs out but his website is full of very useful and very free information. Start off with his beginner course and you really can't go far wrong.
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