Ive been producing my own music for alittle over 2 years now, but have been playing various instruments since I was 11, im 24 now and trying to do the one man band thing/ and focus on being a better producer, this is my first attempt at video with one of my original songs hope people dont hate it to much!

Sorry dont like it. You cannot sing very well and the song is very montone imo. That guitar solo doesnt fit the rest of the song and sounds very "alone". You need a backing guitar during a solo. Also the solo is just not very good in itself and just the sound of the guitar sounds like crap. Not to mention that theres some minor mistakes in there.
Sorry for being so rough on you, but this kind of reminds of Lil Wayne, he cant sing either and his out of place "guitar solo" was also horrible.
I would say ditch the electronic beat and use real drums. Add a backing guitar in there. And polish up on that solo. About your voice, it kind of sounds like your holding yourself back. Like your in your room doing the vocals and dont want your mother or gf to hear you. Put some more confidence and power into those vocals!
If you are going for a hip hop song though then ditch the guitar solo. But then you are on the wrong site buddy ;D
Thats cool thanks for the critisizm, haha kinda hit the nail on the head about that g/f part. But yeah, I actually listen to Lil Wayne a little bit but I prefer underground hip hop because well I do love hip hop just as much as I love rock, punk, raggae, and all that Not many people play music in my little town so I am a one man band, I think how I can play the stuff by myself and sing, so I cant really have a backing guitar because if people saw me live they would wonder where that other guitar is coming from. Id like to think that what I wrote isn't 100 percent crap, especially since nobody else in my area is even touching music with a 50 foot poll aside from 2 friends of mine who just rap and need original beats
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Sorry, I know you tried hard on this one, but it just isn't all that good. The keyboard tone is cheesy and your voice is pitchy. No. Let me take that back. I'm still listening in my headphones. Your voice isn't pitchy, it's just massively out-of-key. You really need some voice lessons, or listen to yourself and work on your ability to stay in-key.

Agreed with the others - the guitar solo is really bad, too. It doesn't fit the song and it's, well, bad. It also ends oddly.

Nice try on the first video, but you have a ways to go. I really do mean all of this as constructive criticism. Best of luck in the future.

Edit: Thinking it was a quirk, I listened to a couple other videos you made. Looks like you're into everything - drums, guitar, keys, bass... everything. Perhaps this is one of those "jack of all trades, master of none" things. In other words, perhaps you need to concentrate on just one instrument, to get really good. Listening to the different videos, I'm not sure if we're supposed to take you serious, or if you're just being goofy. What do you think?
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Thanks KG6, ill take that to heart, well to be honost I have been left as a 1 man band, I live in a really small town in southern Utah, nobody out here writes there own music or comes to me to start a band, so I have been learning how to produce my own stuff and invested in a Midi Controller, Pro Tools, Studio Monitors, VST's, Various DAW's, I constantly read up on mixing and producing, but I do not have a band at all, so I do it all myself because its the only tool I have available. I really do love music, Im not trying to be the best guitarist of all time or the best rapper, im just trying to be me, and if it comes out funny I guess thats what it is, its what im doing.
Music video? This is a hate crime.

Also, wrong forum.
Music is an art form that celebrates potential. So long as you're looking for it, you'll always find it.
Yeeesh. This may be a case of knowing your limitations and not putting yourself out there before you're ready. Many great artists work in the shadows before revealing themselves to the world. Maybe consider lurking there for a while. I don't think you take yourself or the art of creating music seriously enough...or otherwise you would of had enough foresight to keep this one in the closet. I don't think you grasp what makes a song catchy and appealing to other listeners. Humility will keep embrassments like this from happening in the future. I do think you're pretty decent on guitar though, and the drum track was a bit catchy.
Such a harsh thread. I admire the courage it took to share this with anyone. Music isn't about sounding good or pleasing others, it's about having fun. And, it looks like you had fun making this and the other songs on your youtube page. I look forward to seeing you improve and move forward, regardless of any set backs.
Thanks Knive! It is fun, I do my solo stuff monday-friday and on the weekends my friends come over and we work on our group stuff, we are just recording at my house, its not like we expect to make it sound like a million dollar studio, but you can do quiet alot from a home recording studio. Plenty of people said they enjoyed it though, I just thought id try sharing it on a forum for people to give feedback who are all over the world and listen to different music.
Man where do i start?
the drums are very catchy i must admit tho idk what genre u are goin for imo you have to be able to establish a genre before u can start to experiment. vocals need a lot of work learning pitch is tricky but it must be done, nothing practice can't fix, piano is good just needs to be mixed better, the guitar solo is a big nono. its not necessarily bad, its just out of place and gets out of key, overall i agree with what the others say. its not bad, but doesnt stand out either. a jack of trades indeed, keep it up tho you can only get better.
C4C? i would appreciate it if you checked out my mix.