I have a 1986 Charvel Model 3 HSS that I'm trying to bring back from the Grave! The guitar has not been played/used in 15 yrs, been sitting in a garage in pieces in a waterloged case..! I've cleaned/checked everything that was there for the past several weeks and the old guitars about 80% finished..and don't look too bad for a 26 yr old axe! The old tremolo is rust and missing parts.. its a Kahler..2520 model. Kahler is out of business..their are some old stock for sale..but their not in my price range..and I really do not want to buy used off ebay.
I figured..what the hell..I'll just put another brand of 2 point tremolo on it..but..then I was told by several people that others will not work/fit because of the Post Spacing..!
What Gives With That??
A friend has a 1989 Fender Strat Plus with a 2 point trem on his guitar,,he says the same will work on mine...So..who do I believe?? What fits what??

Friggin Jackson/Charvel has NO Replacement parts..and Fender..who Owns them gives no help on the trems at all...Gee..Crap//

So..befor i shell out money for something that will not fit/work..I need help on this topic!

They are still in buisness, who told you they wern't?
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Grab yourself some calipers and measure it, center of post to center of post.