Hellooooo UG.

I'm a bassist (y'know one of those string instrument players, which you guitarists tend to view as a lesser species(just joking)), and I've thought about buying an electric guitar. I chose electric 'cause my stepdad already has an acoustic I can use, and I'll be using the electric for looping (and I like the build of an electric better).
I'm looking for a REALLY cheap ass model, since I don't have NASA's budget, though preferably still something functional.

Sincerely an aspiring bassist/guitarist.
Well, what sort of music do you want to play? That's the first thing you need to think of. How much money do you have to spend?
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Check out the used Godins at GC's website. Many are under $500.

I've been fortunate enough to try out a Progression and a Velocity in person, and they were in great shape.

You might also like the Godin Redline HB, which GC has at around $500.
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I feel like a broken record saying this, but:


Styles of playing

Gear tried before

Current equipment or planned rig (especially the amp!)

Willingness to go used

the more info you give us, the better your answers will be. Also, please give us a currency amount (as cheap most certainly does not mean the same thing to every guitarist!)
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I've been warned against getting used things from people I don't know (and I don't know anyone thinking of selling a guitar), my amp is a shitty little squier amp, though I've got a bass amp which (for some wierd reason) works extremely well with guitars(one of my friends came over and we tried it with his guitar), I've also got a great pedalboard for basses, which also works with guitars. I tried a ST 251 (Copy-ish thing of a strat), and I quite liked it, though it's not bought yet. My main playing style will be strumming an picking, and it will most likely be rock/punk I'll play. The ST lies at a nice low 342$.
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I've been warned against getting used things from people I don't know (and I don't know anyone thinking of selling a guitar)

Sometimes it's worth the risk.
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I've bought used guitars from people on Craig's List and never had any major issues with them.
Me as well good deals on Craigs List just check it out very well before you buy.
Battery powered amps come in handy for parking lot jams lol.
Thanks for all your replys
It gave me somewhat of an idea for guitars to look for.
I ended up buying an Epiphone G310.
Very close to buying an LTD explorer (named the p*ssy-machine by me and some friends), but it was impossible to get a gigbag for it.