Moving around furniture
to make room for carpentry projects with my father
places for friends to sit and watch tv
even vacuumed the carpet
so the girlfriend can come home to a clean apartment

I brought the piano out to the living room
but I didn't know what to play
uh oh. oh no.

the hardest thing to write about is a lack of having anything to say. I think writers stew for hours reflecting on moments where they were speechless or where language failed them, and then take the time to orchestrate the languages that can come close to carrying them. this is a start. show me with some more vigor that you are lost though. I know that seems stupid - why show vigor when you dont feel it? but your emptiness is not a void. it is cutting you. it hurts and that's why it doesn't anymore.

don't change this poem. write a new one if you feel like it. keep this. remember this, for yourself.

I want you to go out by yourself sometime this week with pen and a pad and write down everything that catches your eye. remind yourself how beautiful and ugly you make the world. remember your power. you are alive. I see you.
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This seems kind of...

I would say Bloggish but, I blog lyrics, seriously, I do... No.
But, this doesn't seem like lyrics, to me. I don't know why.
I think this says a lot. I think people tend to read lyrics differently by themselves because they are nothing without the music behind them. You can get away with a lot more in lyrics than you can in poetry. On the same token, lyrics can be a lot less structured. You don't need x amount of verses to y amount of choruses, and there doesn't even have to be a coherent plot.

I guess, when I read these lines, 'I get it.' There's no point in writing more than you need.