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hi. just wondering if i could get some input in regards to comparisons between the edge zero 2 and the ZR trem? .. seeing as most RG series guitars have it (edge zero 2) now (just getting back into playing, assuming the edge 3 was FINALLY fased out?)

thinking of either picking up the 25th anniversery rg on long and mcquade (canada) or an s series. thanks
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We're not sure of the Edge II yet. It hasn't been able to stand the testof time yet, because, well, they're new.

The ZR is definitely repliable.
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I can say from personal experience with the ZR that it competes with the Gotoh made trems(Lo-Pro, Edge-pro, ect.). It's pretty awesome, and it's a damn shame that Ibanez only uses it on their S series. As for the EZ, I haven't used it, but I'm skeptical of it's knife edge. The ZR is awesome partly because a worn knife edge is never a concern. I've also heard several times on this forum that the screw holes in the base-plate have a tendency to strip out. I've never had that happen with the ZR though(I assume that the ZR and EZ use the same base plate). I have no idea what is different about the EZII, but hopefully it's not a step backwards.
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+1 to what the other guys have said.

I've never had any problems with a ZR, and can say from experience that they're pretty damn fantastic.
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ZR is better than the Edge II in reputation at the moment as its proven.

The Edge II is pretty decent but time will tell.

My favourite Ibanez bridge is the Original Edge. But for the money you can get a new RG with the EII you can get a second hand prestige with an Edge Pro.
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