My electric is a Chinese Strat copy, and its my first one, so there is an attachment of sorts. But it's been acting all strange.

The D-string broke, which is fine, so I got all the strings replaced, but the problem is that the action of the strings is too high, because of some warp on the fretboard (what the guy replacing the strings told me). Basically, it doesn't play on the sixteenth fret across all the strings and before I got it repaired, I noticed the same thing starting to happen slightly lower down the fretboard.

So I've been told to go get it repaired completely.

But I got the same thing done once in August, so here goes:

1) Can any one figure out and tell me what's the exact problem I'm having?
2) Is it usual for this to happen once every three months or something?
3) Should I go get this repair done, and hope for the best, or should I go for a new electric altogether? I've been using this one for over a year, and the guy at the shop told me it's a wonder I've managed to play it for this long.

It's my first, so I'd be pretty sad to let this one go.

(P.S: The guitar is a Java, if anyone would like to know - I don't know the model)
Unless you're fortunate enough to have a good guitar as your first, there comes a point... My starter Alvarez acoustic is probably in pieces in a landfill right now. You shouldn't be bringing your guitar in for repairs every 3 months- its got a bad case of deadcheapguitaritis.

So my advice is get a new or "new to you" guitar. You don't have to toss your baby out, but it has saved its purpose.


1) where are you?

2) what is your budget?

3) what kind of amp do you have?
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1) It could be the 16th fret is too low or a higher fret is too high. Did the guy adjust the truss rod? If the truss rod is too loose the action is a lot higher at the high frets. Although If the neck is actually warped I don't think it can un-warped, If it looks like this:

I don't think there is much you can do.

2) It is uncommon, (in my experience) I've never taken a guitar for a repair.

3) Back when I was new to guitar, I got a new one but kept my first one so that's what I'd do in your shoes. Your first guitar doesn't have to Rest in Peace though, I've just stripped the body of mine and I am giving it a new everything, it is going to be righteous.
Since it's a strat I'm assuming the neck is a bolt-on. you could just get a replacement neck then.
1) Would bet money its the truss rod in the neck, or bad wood for the neck. Truss rod adjustment may fix it, or it could be soo pooched that its useless at this point. As mentioned it is a bolt on neck so you could replace the neck, but its probably not worth it.

2) Not common for guitars to need repairs or adjustments like this unless you store then for long periods beside both a heater and a humidifier or something that would just destroy the wood. Over long periods of time adjustments like this will be needed however were talking years not months.

3) Buy a new guitar sounds like you like the strat model so maybe a MIM Fender Strat, I owned one for a couple months and it was a really sweet playing guitar for $400. Then just hang your old guitar on the wall for decoration, not only does it look cool but you end up keeping a sentimental instrument.
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If you don't mind me asking, why are you paying someone to change the strings for you? It's a pretty basic skill and not hard to do, if you don't do this yourself you are gonna be bleeding cash every time you break a string. In fact you really need to change the strings every once in a while as part of the general maintenence of your guitar.

I hope I don't sound to harsh or anything, the reason I say this is because I am getting the feeling that you are very new to this and the guitar store/tech you are going to is trying to take you for a ride...because it's not worth it to pay someone to change strings and certainly not worth doing the type of repairs they are discussing on a guitar that I am assuming cost a hundred bucks or less.

No need to throw the guitar out, but you can put the cash you save on the repairs towards something better.

Check out Craig's List, for example, you can probably find a decent used Mexican Strat or maybe Ibanez RG for $200 or so.
In all seriousness if you are looking at continuing to play I would upgrade your guitar. I started with a cheap Strat copy but once I began playing regular I realised how poor it was. I isn't spend silly money and picked up a super Strat in the next "price bracket" rather than chucking money at a guitar which is now buried somewhere in the ground. You don't need to spend a fortune but I noticed a huge difference between the starter guitar and the £200 guitar and it helped my playing improve as well as I could now lower the action without intonation issues, it stayed in tune better etc etc.
I would take the time to learn basic maintenance even if you don't upgrade as it will save you a lot of money which you can then spend on better guitars.
Even after 3 years serious playing I still don't touch the truss rod but everything else I do myself. Also dependant on what amp your using look at an upgrade there if its needed as a good guitar is no good if the amp makes it sound like a cat scratching your face.
Good luck with whatever you decide!!
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Firstly, thanks a lot, all of you, for the help!

@Huge Guy : Well, I've only been playing seriously for a year but even I've realised the need to learn how to change them on my own, I'll get YouTube to teach me, one of these days. Also, the store I went to is known more for its sales than its repairs, so you might just be right on the 'taking it for a ride' count. Thank you

@JAHellraiser The neck could be replaced, yes, I'll take a look at that option.

@BuffB A new guitar sounds like a good idea too, I guess I'll have to simply explore all the options available to me.

Again, thanks a lot, all of you!
As with any purchase of a new guitar make sure you do research for a new neck. If you do buy a new neck don't pay more than you paid for the guitar. If that is not possible get a new axe.

I can understand your sentimentality. I bought my first electric last year for 60 bucks. It is not the greatest by far but I would have a hard time letting it go.
Go in for a new guitar. I will too. I too own a Java (EG-11- that's the Strat copy with three singlecoils) and felt after more than a few years, it needed servicing, and found the neck warped and the output jack sliding. Three months later, I noticed crackles while turning the volume knob, and took it in for servicing, and the neck had warped again. The trem arm doesn't even move freely, because the pickguard blocks it- and the design got worse over the years, with the trem being more or less fixed in later models! The tech suggested getting a new guitar, because of this. Which I will.

You appear to be based somewhere in India, like me. Which shop did the servicing? I get a hint that it's Furtados'. What's your budget? Maybe then we can suggest something.
Yeah, I'm based in Bombay myself. I bought the guitar from Furtados, the exact same thing's happening with me.

I'll have to work out a budget too, but hey, it's great to see that there's someone in the same city who got the same problem as me.

I got my guitar serviced from Alberto's, and it worked fine, till the problems started again.

Which guitar will you be going for, most likely?
That's another thread on the same page (if it doesn't drop to the next)- either a new Blacktop Floyd Rose or a used HM Strat/Showmaster/Jackson SDK1/Jackson Soloist, or possibly even a new Godin Redline HB.

Have you heard of SB Music in Malad? Not too far from Alberto's. You can save by buying from them. And they can get you what you want, set up nicely.

There's a chance that you can afford a Godin Redline HB- possibly the cheapest North American guitar around, unless there are specific demands that you have (like a Floyd trem). Just avoid the one shop that claims to be an official dealer of the brand- you can get a better price from SB.
And Godins are very well made.

I've been looking at a couple of used ones near me- they're rock solid, finished with attention to detail, and they feel great in my hands.

My personal opinion is that Godins (and G&Ls) are actually better guitars for the money than Fender, though that may not be quite as true in other countries.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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I'm going to be going for a new guitar, then, I'll put the details on another post tomorrow.

Thanks a lot, everyone!