A Prayers Delirium

And he who does not tolerate pain, he who doesn't accept its master
Shall forever walk in denial
He who prides himself in pure pleasure, where ego laughs at the core
His will and only
His reign, bestowed from thy heaven
He that walketh as indifferent
Shall forever be stained as
A blind old savage

Expand this lineage
And, expect the rats to swarm the streets
Bring thy plagues
Let them walk
Let them feel the misery
Let their false essence rot
For we will watch
As this grand circus unfolds

Tighten his shroud
Cast him in the void
Give him the sweet extract
Drown him in its vortex
And when fear is set
And thy scream echoes
Only then shall he
Who walked in delirium
Become nothing itself

And in nothing it bathes
The core of you
The entity in which we accept
Here we shall set you free
Can you feel again?
Can you read the words on the altar once more?
Does it even make sence, now that you are nothing?

This path now bestowed upon
For now we teach
For here we are brothers
Through the veil truth doth shine
In thy thermal mind
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