Hey Aaron nice stuff with these two

Attack of the killer bees - I listened to this with a decent pair of headphones as you suggested and it was a good choice, really helped me to take in all the more subtle layers which I really enjoyed. It all fits together well and I especially enjoy the piece after the 1.25 minute mark it just feels much more natural after that (I just don't know how I feel about the opening that loops until then, it just seems a little pressing)
Overall a fairly strong piece.*

If you are - Instrumentally this piece stood out to me, the bassy synth complemented by the highs was great. Vocals weren't bad I just think that with a little less reverb they could be better, I know its electronic but the echo seems just slightly overdone.*

Really enjoyed both these tracks keep them coming. I recently made an instrumental piece myself and I would really appreciate it if you could have a say on it*https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1570652
I can dig electronica, but this is totally outside of my realm, so bear with me.. Overall, I thought the sound you were going for was achieved - sounded like good video game music. You kept it interesting throughout and I did very much enjoy the vocals in the second song. The first was a pretty cheesy, but it does have it's place. I did notice that they both flow quite well, it was always going somewhere and didn't really stagnate at all. I could probably listen to a full album like this and enjoy it. Good job.
i must say i too really enjoy electronica but this is deff new to me, overall the quality is very nice. killer bees sound like something from a video game which i can dig. like the guy said above it was a bit overbearing in the beginning but by the 1:25 mark it really sinks in and shows its depth, a good piece of work in my eyes. the second song had a very catchy drum line and it drew me in quicker, the ambient spacey noises made this track stick out, plus i was diggin the trippy vox it gave it character, i really like this a lot my only complaint is im not a big fan of the trumpets around 2:23 but the chimes at 3:18 made up for it. nice work overall tho could see these tracks being in a videogame or something.
Both songs pretty cool and mixed well - I liked how killer bee's had so much intricate stuff going on around the simple intro and drum beat - if you are reminded me of Depeche mode in the beginning but then turned into some sort of Bauhuas,Joy division hybrid once the singing started - good stuff.
Attack of the Killerbees
The arrangement in this is great, I think the recording of production lets it down a tad though with the obviously fake intro piano, brass and strings. The other synths and such work well, especially those hard panned parts but I think this would absolutely shine if you used higher quality string samples and maybe recorded a fuzz bass line instead of programmed piano or record an actual piano in the intro. Not sure what you'd do about brass though, track down some players? Very quirky, very different!
Aaron, thanks for the crit, and sorry for the late reply...was away.

1. Attack of the Killer Bees - I liked the lead piano work, but for me it really picked up when your synth came in around 1:26. The beginning bass tone you have just didn't work for me. (I guess you were trying to go for a way to emulate the menacing sound of a bee hive). And the ending synth solo was my favorite. I really think you need to work on the drum sample though, it's so thin.

2. If you are: Liked the intro of this one much better. It reminded me of some 80s music like "and i ran" by flock of seagulls. Your vocals are not bad, you have a good voice. I think you could have had a better melody/flow of words though. Any way I liked this song, esepcailly the synth riff in the middle 2 minute area.

Hey Aaron, typing as I listen:
Killer bees starts off pretty interesting, I like the arangement! Very mysterious, like a spy scene from a movie or something! The bass and the precussion are complementing everything well. I feel like I'm part of a heist haha!It's very avant garde, I wouldn't be able to create this stuff, you got talent bro nice job!
If you are is pretty 80s i agree with the guy above me. I liked the other song more though haha
Dear Aaron
The first notes of "Killer Bees" nearly switched me off just because of the cheap synthesised tone, but, in contrast to other reviewers, I found this artificiality worked, as the piece progressed. It's all rather alien and other worldly. A real piano or electric bass, or superb samples, would have changed the whole mood and probably not for the better. The change at 1:30 came in just in time and was superb - perhaps it could have come earlier (not sure). The closing solo is quirky, free and superb.
"If you are" did not make the same impact with me, but this is just my personal taste. It was very well produced. I felt involved with the swirling synth work, but when the vocals cut in I thought the tone was just what one would expect. I guess this predictability disappointed me a little. I wonder what a completely different style of vocal would do: a very pure high voice, growling grunty sort of blues voice, operatic tenor... Hmmm. Not sure myself. Might be fun to play around with this as you can clearly sing as well as being a master of the synth.
ONce again production on both songs are in a very real finished state. Killer Bees left me bored for a lack of better word but that is because I cant really get into the electronica thing. The talent is there no doubt but I think you sold yourself short on this one with repetiveness. The second song I actually thought was very good, in a freekish way. Seemed like more of a psychodelic party theme song.

Thanks for ther review. Keep up the good work...
Attack of the Killers Bees sounds like it'd work for a low-fi, retro style game. It immediately made me picture an old-looking adventure RPG. Well done.
Attack of the Killer bee's - very creative n mysterious , I think this would be a good soundtrack type , preferably a game soundtrack or a soundtrack from a anime tv show or something

Will you now - I like the vocals n where u were going with the song but after bout 2mins in It started to sound alittle repetetive I guess I would try to add something else or go into another direction with the song n then if u wanted to come back but just adding something else would help alot too

44opus magnum - nice had a classical vibe to it then u compeletly turned alittle spain like then eventually sounded like a soundtrack Everything from there on out was pretty epic I liked the effects you were using

= ) great job
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
Hey, thanks for the critique. Attack of the Killer Bees is a fun listen. I really enjoy the composition and the flow of the song. You obviously have some skills when it comes to layering various melodies. They all compliment each other and make a distinguishable sound.

This is just based on my aesthetic taste, but I would really like to hear real instruments playing this composition (or at least more realistic samples). I think it would give it much more impact. Of course, your instrumentation is perfect in certain contexts like a 90s movie soundtrack or a video game. If that's the aesthetic you are going for then leave it: it sounds great.
listened to Attack of the killer bees. as others have said it sounds a lot like a soundtrack from a movie or video game. You did a good job mixing everything together, its very layered. must of been tough to mix. i dont play or listen to this kind of music but everything sounds well done to me.