I'm fairly new to DIY guitars, only done a bit of guitar electronics soldering and routing etc... but I've decided to build a custom Resonator guitar from a kit I found on eBay.

The kit includes everything you need, but I will have to paint it myself and assemble it etc. It contains a mini humbucker but I'm consdering installing a filtertron instead... do filtertrons fit a 'mini humbucker' routing? Or can you get custom ones that fit (such as a TV Jones)? Would this even sound good in a resonator?

Also, for a beginner builder... is this kind of kit too advanced to have a crack at? What are the main things I'd need to take special care in the assembly of it? As in, potential irreversible damage to the kit parts?

Here is the kit:

And here is what I want it to look like finished:

Any recommendations and suggestions would be much appreciated!
The kit looks pretty much completely pre-fabbed to me. But then it is a tiny picture.

I think you're over thinking the difficulty, just a confidence issue really.

The one critical issue involved with a pre routed bolt on neck, is the neck angle. You may have to test fit that a few times before you get it perfect.

That said, the biggest issue you're going to face is the finishing steps. Get with a friend that knows something, (or is), an auto refinisher. Auto finishes can be instrumental in creating a fine finish on a musical instrument. After, almost all autos were, once upon a time, finished with nitro.
yeah it comes with unfinished bare wood parts, all electronics and components, bridge etc... all you have to do is paint it, assemble it and wire it up.

I didn't think it'd be entirely impossible to do, but the ad says it's for advanced guitar builders... then again, I think that basically means if you're 15 and you've just started learning guitar, don't bother haha.

The neck is a set in neck... will that be more tricky?
I've decided to stain and lacquer it myself at home... a friend of mine suggested ways that you can do it pretty effectively.

Cheers for the comments!
Set in neck shouldn't be to hard. I'm working on a build with my first ever self made neck and it's a set neck. The biggest piece is neck angle. Make absolutely sure that neck is the correct angle. I'd suggest mounting the bridge and setting the neck in place (as it will be glued, maybe include some clamps). Then lower the bridge all the way and take a straight edge and set it on the neck. If the straight edge runs into the bridge saddles, you may have problems getting your action low enough. I'd shoot for the saddles being just inline with the straight edge in this situation.

Really cool looking guitar though! Love the design... now I'm curoius.
Yeah, I'm slightly stressing about the neck angle and sturdiness etc... I can see myself ****ing it up pretty easily haha. Never made a guitar before... I'll keep you all posted how it goes, I haven't ordered it yet and won't be starting on it til I have some more time...

Checked out your danelectro longhorn btw, nice work!!
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i think you're over thinking the difficulty, just a confidence issue really.

+1 to this imo
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+1 to this imo

Thanks guys, that's reassuring! I was only stressing because I've never tried to build a guitar myself... so don't quite know what to expect.

What do you reckon about the pickups? I have a feeling the pickup supplied with the kit is a pretty shit one... would a filtertron or something go well in a res?