Promoting independent thinking, creativity, and making yourself immortal in even the most imperfect ways. Acoustic/folk lyrics. Odd structure I know but it seems to work as it follows a trail of thought more than anything else. Any thoughts couldn't hurt.

Many years before I wrote this song
There was a concept that was quite absurd
At first a seldom few chose to play along
But they could do some things of which we'd never heard

They found constellations in our words
They could draw a map depicting nouns and verbs
And each every man on Earth
Could become immortal should the skills be learned

And as millenia came to pass
The greatest writers left their marks
We had Homer, Tolstoy, even Monty Python
Who sanctioned wisdom as a form of art

Well it's easy to list and exemplify
But I'm standing here trying to emphasise
That we all have pages in our minds
And we all have hopes to realise

And it's true, we could just justify
Our ways of life by citing quips
And soliloquies that we've come across
Scouring scripts for any hints or tips

But aren't we all just playwrites in the end?
Aren't we all just playwrites in the end?

Yes we're all just playwrites splitting quills,
Staining ink to our shaking palms
And scratching our beards for what must be the thousandth time
On a holy quest trying to find the perfect words
To bring these pages back to life

And I'm not quitting yet, I'm just taking a moment
To remind myself that this isn't ****ing Shakespeare
There is no reading between the lines,
At best some half-arsed cliche rhymes
That I'm pretty sure are irrelevant in the end

So if my ink runs dry, then it's time to die
And finally I'll have nothing left to say
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Very nice. could do without the last two lines, but I am not one to judge, just my opinion. The second and forth stanzas stand out the most to me, the word choice makes the whole thing. Intriguing
could do without the last two lines, but I am not one to judge, just my opinion.
i agree with Delan666 on this.
But these lyrics make me laugh! Awesome...it's rare that song lyrics are funny and clever at the same time.
This is very awesome you need an (and) in between the each/every man on earth part. Other than that i liked this a lot and easily related to it
Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all.
Nice to see positive responses! I'm still considering the last 2 lines. I think they might work better in context of the music, as lyrics I can see how they sort of stick out.
Hey nice lyrics! The last two lines are good you should keep them. Nice use of a rhyme scheme in the lyrics. very poetic.
Thanks for sharing,good article.I like it,I’m looking forward to read other articles.wow, that sounds cool!