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That's cool Yeah hopefully I will be surprised at the sound I get from it.
Would you be happy to gig with either of those amps?

Which, the Mesa and Fender? I gig with both (mesa usually uses a 4x12 cab though- brother steals my 1x12 for his peavey), but I definitely prefer the mesa because it has way more versatility packed in.

but yeah, they're both more than loud enough to gig with (you can mic up an amp pretty easily- anything is loud enough to gig with then!).

again, something like a peavey Valveking 112 would be right up your alley. Cheap to buy, good tones and easy to use- plenty loud enough for gigs too
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Well thanks a lot, that did look pretty nice Hopefully I'll get to play one to help me make up my mind

But yeah i'll keep an eye on that one I think Thanks for your help bro!
My guitar teacher gave me pointers for the the process of choosing an amp, then let me go. I bought the 40w Fender HRD combo.

...which, as it turns out, is his go-to amp gigging all around the state of Texas. About the only thing he DOESN'T use it for is metal.
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