Hi, I'm looking to buy a broken Marshall compressor pedal. It works apart from one of the pots' shafts has been broken off.. I was just wondering what value do these usually take, or does it even matter that much? Thanks!
it does matter, but it depends which pot is broken. if you have the pedal you can look at the pot and it should say the value right on it. if not, you could measure it with a multimeter or look at a schematic
I haven't bought it just yet, thought I'd best do some research first! It's the 'emphasis' knob that's broken.. Is it an easy enough fix though? I'm pretty decent at soldering, but minimal circuit board work
I didn't find a schematic with a quick search, but I'm sure you can dig one up if you have to

it should be fairly easy though. I don't know off the top of my head if the pots are pcb-mount or just wired in, but either way it's a fairly simple job. just 3 spots to desolder and solder