hi all,

i've been having trouble with my tele for a while, honestly not sure if it's a faulty pick up or what..

i'm playing through a blues junior (jensen c12 speaker), and it seems no matter what i do the bridge pick up sounds far too harsh/brittle..

i've found that if i chain it with my boss monte sd1, it acts as a kind of buffer, reducing the shrill-ness?

i don't really like using pedals in the chain, especially when it's only there to buffer!

i've listened to many many demos on youtube of a tele bridge pick up through a BJ, it shouldn't sound as horrid as mine!

anybody have experience with this?
Turn the amp's treble down, that should take care of it.
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ive got the treble on the amp rolled back, so EQ looks like..
bass: 6 or 7/10
mids: 5/10
treble: 4/10

should it not be possible to play a tele straight up through a clean amp on bridge without sounding ice-pick harsh?
a tele should definitely sound bright, but not painfully so. Have you tried engaging the "fat" switch on your amp?

also, I found that jensen speaker to be tremendously bright. If you have a chance, try plugging the amp into a cab loaded with a celestion V30 or something similar.

Tele's are very bright. Often, I've found that they sound too bright when you're playing without a band (I play a tele through a Fender), but they cut really nicely when you add more instruments to the mix. I found, however, that using a slightly darker sounding string (like DR instead of EB or D'addario) can help to tame the brightness just a little bit.
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