I have not made songs in a long time. Today's snow day inspired me, along with a book I read this month, called the alchemist. If you know whitest boy alive..I've been listening to them a lot this month...

Listen at this link


The Alchemist

Where there's a will, theres a way
just take your chances
If this is what you want, then who am I
to stop it?
You're yet to strike gold, you're growing old,
the middle of adventure, is it the perfect place to start?

I should have shared my intentions
with you.
I, should have told you how I felt...
all along, maybe.
Things would be different, If I?

tried, to make things right
between us. If I...
told you things, that you were looking for
were here, the whole time
the whole time
the things that you were looking for, were here
the whole time, the whole time.

The things that you were looking for.

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This is pretty dope man! thanks for sending it to my thread! Ill be sure to keep checking up on your work! It looks like you worked really hard on the lyrics! I have such a hard time making verses flow without relying on a rhyme! Good stuff bud!
the out of tuneness doesn't even bother me really. kind of reminds me of the same thing Modest Mouse does, it gives it a really raw vibe, and in this case kind of a drone sound. i also kind of hear tension/resolution from out of tuneness to in tune (and vice-versa). but maybe that's just me. also, i'd agree that it sounds eastern sounding, mixed with an indie sound.

i particularly like the drums, they were well written. lots of ghost notes and accents in the right places, it gives the song a good groove. and i'm a sucker for fast beats and so yeah really different from a lot of music out there, i think you found your own sound pretty well. your voice works really well for the song too.
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Dregen, wow thanks so much for the indepth crit.

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Good stuff, was digging the dissonance. Yeah it didn't kind of feel a bit out of tune but that gave it a more raw feel.The drums really made it for me, really set the tempo. Liked the creativity here, unconventional structure and sound.

If you could check out my new song id really appreciate it, thanks.
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Hey man typing as I listen, I think this song has its own unique vibe going, its cool i like it! Although I would lower all the acoustics a bit, or maybe higher the vocals. Very cool lyrics, indie inspired but has its own thing going on. Overall pretty good man keep at it, maybe try remixing and eqing stuff a bit more
I know I'm late, but I really like your song. It's really soothing, and good work man! I've had it on repeat for hours. Voyager is good too
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I know I'm late, but I really like your song. It's really soothing, and good work man! I've had it on repeat for hours. Voyager is good too

THIS TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! I actually didn't even remember my password but had to try to say thanks hahaha. 1.5 years later.