Here's my dealio. I play out at restaurants and stuff (just solo acoustic and sing). right now i use my taylor and it is plenty sufficient. but i also like the sound of just singing with a mildly overdriven electric. so would I would like to do is find an archtop with an electric pickup in and maybe a piezo in the bridge or something so i can use it for both. I'm liking the godin 5th avenue kingpin but i just wanted other suggestions. thanks!
Love, love, love the Godin 5th Avenue. It's the best arch top I've played in it's range.

Ibanez does make some more electric ones that are decent too though.
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yeah ive got a godin 5th avenue with a p90 being delivered cant wait to play it, should be perfect for blues and playing slide
dude this thread is from august....
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