so ive been writing a few synth/post hardcore stuff recently just seeing what you guys think! some parts are unfinished and im not a drum guy! its nothing serious i just love this sort of music theres 3 songs in there.. you should be able to recognise the gaps!
Untitled Post Hardcore 2012.zip
The first song sounds good. Some generic chugging, but it's not too bad for the most part. My big issue with it is the lack of any recognizable structure. I'm almost positive I'm on a new song, but there's no marker or anything to indicate as such.

As far as I can tell the riffing isn't a problem for you, coming up with parts is easy. But there's really no sort of cohesion to the riff salads you've got here. It doesn't have to be verse-chorus-verse, but it makes a piece more cohesive, and imho, consequently better if you go back to or expand on previous themes. It'd also be good to get away from that drop-tuned open-note key, all 3 songs sound very same-y, since they're all in the exact same key.

Think you might enjoy the album I have up here- C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1566286
Most of it just sounds like one really lazy version of After the Burial. Even the breakdown with the sweep picking sounds exactly like the way they do it.

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Cool ideas! I'd have to agree with guitar_jew, that the biggest thing I noticed is the lack of structure. Your tabs clearly indicate that you're a very talented musician, and I enjoyed what I heard for the most part. I would just suggest maybe working on tightening up transitions and making them clearer. My favorite section was between measures 300 and 316

If you're interested, I'd love to get some feedback on a song that I'm working on! I'm a fairly new guitar player/songwriter, so any advice you could give me is much appreciated!
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the only thing I suggest, is when you have a note that repeats itself like at bar 225 on the piano, the double 10's sound awkward, you could change it to a 9 or 12 and it would flow better.
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Lol at the bass being tuned the same as the guitar.
Without that lower octave everything sounds realllll thin.
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