I don't mind a few nicks and even small cracks on an old guitar. It gives it true character. However, big ones like this are a significant distraction. How would you suggest I fix it? Is there some way to do it without doing a total refinish? I love the antiqued creaminess of this old girl.
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holy shit! how did you do that? I would fill it and try to find an antique white paint and try to match it as best I could, it wont be exact tho......
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If it was mine it would be filler, shape, smoothed, undercoat the lot, complete respray, clear coat, cut and polish.

IE, a complete refinish

That's not a chip, that's a big gouge
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a complete refinish really is the only option for somthing like that, i would suggest you just grin and bare it.
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holy shit! how did you do that?

It was like that when I got it. And stripped of anything that could be unbolted, with the fret board peeling off.