I'm not sure the intro guitar fits in with the rest of the song (that was my initial thought), though the guitar intro reminded of a cross between 60's surf rock and U-2 (I like both): I like the guitar sound of that intro. The intro riff seems to fit in with the song better as it pops up again later on. I like the guitar tone & riff at the end of the song. Sometimes the guitar playing could be tighter and sometimes the drum beats don't seem ideal for the song. Keep at it! Please review my music at this link:

Hey thanks for your post Marqway,
I gotta agree with aaron on this one, tho the idea is there, there seems to be lacking a bit on the intensity of the drums which seem to off accent the drums. It does feel as if im in a 70s beach club and that sort of vibe. Def keep it up, the ideas are there just gotta tighten up a bit.
thanks guys
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