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Iv heard they're good for the price, whats the general opinion from those that have heard em. And from what iv heard on youtube it sounds like they are trying to make a lower gain, mega lower end Soldano............
(yes i know they are designed by Soldano but still)
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I have one. It's an ok amp, I probably wouldn't gig with it because it lacks low end (but I mean... it's a 20 watt amp, can't really complain). Imo, it's better than the Orange Tiny Terror and is cheaper. Does have that Soldano-esque type of overdrive. Clean, clear and defined but can tend to sound a little buzz-saw like if you over do it. Not really my type of sound but I do like it for a nice, crunchy, just on the edge of distorted sound (like a crunchy sort of clean tone). If I run it at around 7-8 with the gain at 5-6 and roll the guitar's volume back to 5-6, I really like it for rhythm and chords. I'm using mine through a Marshall 1960ax with UK Greenbacks.

My profile has a clip of mine running pretty much at 10 with the gain on 7-8.
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I've played a friends once. I like al112987 said, I thought it was an okay amp. It was a little too treblie for more liking. I didn't got a chance to really play with the setting, so perhaps there is a way to roll of the high end a little. An EQ will defiantly help. I was playing it though an orange 212 with V30 I believe.
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I personally like the treblyness. It helps it sit well in the mix and not get lost. It definitely doesn't have much clean headroom, but the gain is fantastic.
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I like mine. I gig with it all the time. I just wish it had two channels. (I got mine before they released the 22H). It is kind of trebly but I just rolled the treble on the amp back a lot. Other than that, I love the distortion.

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I own one, it's a cool little amp. I have the head and cab. Don't expect it to have a whole lot of gain, it doesn't. It will do like 80's hair metal gain, but not even close to modern metal tones. Push it with a tube screamer and it gets pretty good though. It's very bright, I think playing it through a different cab would help a lot. A V30 loaded 2x12 would be sweet. It's a single channel and the one channel is not clean there is not enough headroom to even get a decent clean out of it. Turn it up a bit and it's breaking up. Overall, I think it's a great amp for how much they cost though. I do enjoy mine.

If I were in the market for another similar amp, I'd go with the 2-channel JCA22H
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Have you guys complaining about too much treble replaced your tubes yet? Stick some JJ ECC83S tubes in the preamp and hear it come alive. Most amps have shit tubes from the factory. There are very very few new amps that don't benefit from a tube swap. Unless you buy something boutique the first thing you should do is throw away the stock tubes. It's hardly worth even turning on a cheap amp until you do that.
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Quote by J_W
A V30 loaded 2x12 would be sweet.

eminence v12s are the thing

and yeah as cath says, JJs would probably sort it out, too.
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eminence green back type warms it up more.
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v12 warms it up more, in my experience. i've tried the jet city 50 watt head with the emi gb128, greenback and tayden high brit (higher wattage greenback-style speaker). the v12 is warmer and tames the highs better than any of those (though admittedly the tayden is quite warm).
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Only on UG would I say I got engaged and bought a jet city and get congratulated on the amp