Hello, I am a beginner guitar player, and I need some advice. First of all I'm 16. So for Christmas my parents are offering to get me new guitar stuff, but I don't know what to replace first. Here is a link to some pics of my current guitar that i took. Its a fender, and it came in a set that include the amp and everything.

its called "
Squier® SE Special Electric Guitar Starter Pack - Black"

So, thats what I have now. I want to get a distortion petal (I want to play songs from System of a Down, and Slipknot, ect)

So, my first question is what should i get first? A new guitar, or amp? I think im getting the petal first no matter what. I was told thats a beginners guitar, and to replace it as soon as possible.

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Getting a better amp would be much better. A low end guitar through a decent amp can sound good, but a good guitar through a low end amp will sound like shit no matter what.

This was the pack I started out playing with, and I'd change from the amp as soon as possible, I upgraded from the strat to a G400 before upgrading my amp and it still sounded not that great.
What do you feel like you should replace? By that I mean, are you unhappy with any of your gear in particular?

It's all beginner-level stuff as far as I can tell, so I think you will probably want to replace everything eventually. How's the amp? When I started, I borrowed a friend's behringer amp and it was so awful I made sure to upgrade as soon as possible. I hear a lot of people recommend the peavey vypyr amps to those who like playing metal.

If you haven't, you should probably go to a guitar store and just try guitars and amps to get an idea what you like.
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Well the amps that come in those starter packs are usually really really crappy. I'd get a new amp before anything else. You can get a low end guitar to sound half way decent through a better amp. A great guitar though a cruddy amp won't make much difference.
the guitar is okay (squires usually are), but the amp is almost guaranteed to be utter crap. go for a better quality amp and pass on the pedal- if you get the right amp, you won't need to have the pedal!
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don't buy the pedal please. save the money for the amp


What is your budget?
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Get the amp. Peavey Vypyr, or if you want to switch from clean to distorted tones, find an amp with a footswitch. And of course, the budget is important too.
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And likewise- unless something is actually broken- you upgrade your rig from the amp up.
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