I opened the first topic and wrote the first post because I need the help of experienced guitar connoisseurs.

In fact, I decided to buy an acoustic guitar and, after a lot of searching on the web shops and googleing on the net, I reduced the choice of 3 (maybe wrong maybe not, you tell me):


2. EPIPHONE HUMMINGBIRD Heritage Cherry Sunburst

3. Epiphone EJ-200C

I ask that you write a short review of these guitars that you are familiar with and recommend one of these three.

Thanks in advance.
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Are the Epis eletro-acoustic as well, did you mean the hummingbird pro and EJ-200Ce, or are they acoustic only? I have tried the Hummingbird(not the pro) and the APX(not plugged in though). I found the APX comfortable to play and the sound was allright not great unplugged, the Hummingbird sounded better but it seemed cheapish(maybe because i was subconciously comparing it to the original). I do have a cheap yamaha and a mid priced yamaha and the build quality is very good and they both stay in tune extremeley well. I have only heard/read really good things about the EJ-200.
doesn't work that way

if you want an opinion, you need to provide

1-Price Range
2-What you're looking for in the acoustic
3- Willing to go used/new online etc

Just to start, otherwise any advice you'd get would be limited
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if you play guitar... take some time to try all 3 in person. sometimes it's hard depending on your locale. i live a good ways from good music shops and its a day's experience to try out new guitars, but thats what i must do. nobody on here can tell you what guitar you should choose because we won't know what sounds good to you.
if you don't play yet, find someone that does and take them to try them out( if distance is a problem, any guitar nut would jump at the chance to try out a few dozen for you). if someone cant go with you, have them call the shop your thinking of going to and try to find a GOOD salesperson. a lot of shops employ some real winners that just point you in the direction of your budget.....sad but true. tell them what style of music you want to play and hopefully they'll lead you true.